11 May 2010


Robots are a part of the technological world we live in. They can help us but they can also destroy us.
Robots have many advantages such as: they can do men’s work because they are used in production line work. They take the place of men for difficult or dangerous work: they work underground and at the bottom of the sea and they help to disarm bombs and put out fires. Robots also help to create a more pleasant way of life. We have more free time.
But robots have many disadvantages too. They increase unemployment. They contribute to the lack of physical exercise and we become lazy people.
Moreover, after a long time of living together with a robot we may become mechanised.
There will be a total lack of feelings because we will be used to live with machines.
To sum up, the world is in evolution and we must know how to deal with this evolution, robots are a part of our modernized world.


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