20 May 2011

Europa League final

Falcao scored the only goal of a scrappy Europa League final to give Porto victory over their Portuguese neighbours Braga in Dublin.
Custodio wasted an early Braga chance when he smashed a shot wide from the edge of the penalty area but they soon settled into a defence-minded strategy.
Braga held out until 44 minutes when Fredy Guarin crossed for Falcao to plant a header in the top corner.
Mossoro almost equalised when through one-on-one but Helton saved well.
Porto's victory continues their superb season, in which they have won their league title and remain on course for a Treble - they face Guimaraes in the Portuguese Cup on Sunday.
And coach Andre Villas-Boas becomes the youngest man - at 33 - to win a Uefa club competition.
But Porto, whose dominance in their domestic league saw them go unbeaten and finish 38 points ahead of Braga, were far from their best in Dublin.
With two sides from the same nation competing for the trophy, it was always likely to be a cagey affair.
As so it proved as underdogs Braga opted to keep things tight and flooded the midfield and defence.
The ploy worked well for them for 44 minutes - and they even had a decent chance very early on for Custodio - but it made for a tedious game to watch.
However, Braga were undone by carelessness in possession and then a lapse in marking - Alberto Rodriguez gave the ball away and the defence failed to pick up Falcao, who finished with style.
Villas-Boas celebrates 'amazing start' at Porto
Until that point Falcao had cut an anonymous figure, while his strike partner Hulk had been on the end of a number of very strong challenges by Braga.
Only 38 seconds after the interval, Braga should have hauled themselves level when substitute Mossoro was clean through on goal but he hit his shot at the legs of keeper Helton.
Mossoro and fellow substitutes Kaka and Albert Meyong did their best to rouse Braga and their side did respond to exert a degree of pressure on Porto for the first time.
But the number of chances were outweighed by the number of bookings - eight in total - as the game continued to be feisty rather than fluent.
Meyong did get a sight on goal but scuffed his shot from the edge of the box and the ball dribbled out of play.
Porto were able to comfortably defend and even looked the more threatening when they countered - Hulk sent a shot over and Fernando Belluschi went closer with a drive from distance.
In the end, one moment of clinical finishing proved enough to give Porto the edge in a game that failed to live up to hopes and expectations.
Porto coach Andre Villas-Boas: "Without a doubt this is a great feat. We have one trophy left for a memorable season.
"This has a huge emotional impact for us. Round after round, we kept believing more. Porto becomes an even more special club, even more unique.
"It adds another trophy, which is important and builds its future."
Braga coach Domingos Paciencia: "I am very proud, I lived unique moments here. These players also did, it's a beautiful story.
"May Braga continue to grow, we dignified Portuguese football."
BBC Sport 2011

Beatrice's wedding hat to be sold

The unusual hat that Princess Beatrice wore to the royal wedding is going to be auctioned for charity.
Some people loved the princess's beige designer creation but loads of others made fun of the Lady Gaga-style hat.
Since the big day it's become an internet star - with loads of spoof photos cropping up, including one showing a cat flap in the hat.
Her mum, the Duchess of York, told an American TV show that money raised from the sale would go to two charities.
Sarah Ferguson said the cash from the eBay sale would go to children's charity Unicef and for children in crisis.

Jessie J - Price Tag ft. B.o.B.

All About Love

«Love is irrational (...) the more you love someone, the less sense anything makes. »
                                                                                         Stephenie Meyer, in New Moon

Love... Some say it’s healthy, some say it’s stupid, others say it’s addictive.... I believe it’s a little bit of everything.
Love is a state of mind, an extracurricular activity, a way of expressing who we are in a sweet, ridiculous behaviour. It’s happiness for the ones who use it with wisdom. It’s a mistake for those who don’t know what it is!
Love can also be dangerous... if you put all your love in only one person, it will blind you.
You’ll forget about your friends, family and loved ones, and you’ll fall without somebody to catch you.
In our opinion, love is not a thing we must run to... it’s something we must wait for, so when it gets to us, we know exactly what it is and how to deal with it...and in that moment...
love... is simply the best feeling in the world!!!
                                                                                                                Daniela;Luís Azevedo; Nuno 802

14 May 2011

My Opinion on Video Games

       I enjoy video games because they are a good entertainment. I learned to play games with my brother. I play since I was 7 years old. I prefer adventure games, because I like to feel the adrenaline. I don’t play much because I haven’t got many games in my house, but I play whenever I can. I think video games are good and bad at the same time. They can be fun but they can lead to dependence. To me they have two sides: The good and the bad side. But not everyone sees the bad one.
Carla Azevedo, 1008

     I prefer video games about racing (cars), adventure (super-mario) and games that portray family life and their day-to-day (sims) because they are games that give us adrenaline. Now, I play much less than I used to play when I was 12 years old. I haven’t played racing games yet and I have played adventure games a little, I play the Sims more often. Video games have advantages and disadvantages. The good side is that video games are an entertainment. However, some video games are violent and turn the players into aggressive people.
 Diana Silva, 1008

     In my opinion video games are very exciting, but I'm not a big fan and have not much time for games. I dedicate myself to studies. I prefer adventure and action games because they are more realistic and more attractive, with their colours and pictures. The feelings that they cause on me are enthusiasm and joy. Video games are good and bad at the same time. They are good because they teach us the good and bad. And they are bad because they attract a lot of violence and distract students from school.
 Helena Gonçalves, 1008

     There are several types of video games, for example, action games, adventure, strategy, sports. Video games have advantages such as increasing the capacity of observation, attention, memory, but they also have disadvantages. People who play get hooked, spend all day glued to the screen, and forget about their tasks. It's rare for me to play video games, and I always lose when I play because I'm not accustomed to playing. I’d like to know how to play soccer and video games.
Carla Pinto, 1008