11 May 2010

Rephrasing Exercises - Correction - 10th Form

1.The women aren’t motivated by the money
2.My boyfriend said he had been waiting for me for about...
3.If David wasn’t so clumsy, he wouldn’t have so many...
4.Although I see him every day, I’ve never spoken to him.
Despite seeing him every day, I’ve never spoken to him
5.The man who shot two policemen has gone to prison.
6.Jeremy, whom we saw yesterday, is my neighbour.
7.She was asked her name at the information desk.
8.You should pay more attention to your parents’ advices.
9.If Claire loved Henry, she would marry him.
10.He is going to be appointed chairman due to his personal…
11.If you start having money for your holidays, you may have...
12.The girl whose photo was in the paper lives in our street.
13.If don’t hurry up, I’ll leave without you.
14.In spite of turning on the light, he couldn’t read.
Although he turned on the light, he couldn’t read.
15.They stated (that) they had finished their work for that week.
16.The teacher showed us a book which was written thirty...
17.I think men could do much more than they used to do…
18.The farmer said that the peasants hadn’t raised animals in a scientific way and so there would be a high death rate.
19.They said the government was sending specialized fire…
20.Disasters like that may happen in those circumstances.

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