11 May 2010

Rephrasing Exercises - Correction - 11th Form

1.The weather is becoming hotter and hotter.
2.The fireman who was injured in the fire is now recovering at home.
3.Unless you want to get a job, you needn’t (don’t need to) consult a local newspaper.
4.If Helen had left earlier, he wouldn’t have missed the bus.
5.Although Vivian was 12 years old, she was forcibly removed…
6.A big bank account is less important than good health.
7.While some experts think the world is growing warmer, others disagree.
8.If you took some exercise, you wouldn’t feel bad.
9.In spite of having a headache, Jim still read until late.
10.Michael was as worse student than John.
11.Why hadn’t I been sent the book?
12.Peter was promised a paradise.
13.A lot of new hospitals have been opened by the Queen.
14.John is considered a handsome boy by most girls.
15.Drunk drivers were reported to have caused terrible road accidents.
16.Richard told Helen he had always thought her brother was married. He must have confused him with someone else and added he was going then as his mother was waiting for him.
17.A photographer discovered Claudia Schiffer in a disco in Düsseldorf.
18.In order not to wake the children up, they climbed upstairs very silently.
19.If I were you, I would take the bus.
20.Despite the snow, we went out for a walk.
21.The Palestinians, who have already had heavy losses, are at war again.
22.Women mustn’t enter some sacred places in Turkey.
23.People who live in flats have complained about the noise.
24.Steve Arch, whose parents live in England, won the 1st prize.
25.If I had bought more milk, I would have enough for breakfast.
26.If we hadn’t forgotten to take a map, we wouldn’t have got lost in the mountains.
27.Unless the astrological signs are propitious, the marriage won’t …
28.Not everybody can drive so well.
29.… that he was 18 years old. He had been previously employed in a large shop in that town and hos employers have considered him to be very…
30.Never had I witnessed such a terrible accident.
31.Not only did they believe in truth, but also in loyalty.
32.… he could get to the airport.
33.It was stated that the world would end…
The world was stated to end in …
34.Even though the fire did great damage, nobody was injured.
35.… why he sang so loudly.
36.They stated that they had finished their work for that week.
37.Those people used different means of transport.
38.The man had been seen stealing the jewels from that woman’s.
39.She should think before she accepts the offer.
40.Some books dealing with surrogate motherhood have been published.
41.The man who shot two policemen has gone to prison.
42.Jeremy, whom we saw yesterday, is may neighbour.
43.The company managers are alleged to be corrupt.
44.In spite of turning on the light, he couldn’t read.
Though he turned on the light, he couldn’t read.
45.The teacher showed us a book which was written 30 years ago.
46.Fresh air was believed to have been bad for sick people.
It was believed that fresh air was bad for sick people.
47.If Claire loved Henry, she would marry him.
48.It is said that he stole a lot of money.
He is said to have stolen a lot of money
49.If you start having money for your holidays, you may have enough…

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