11 May 2010

An Ordinary Day in the Year 2050

2nd November, 2050
8:30 am
At this time, in any European city, a car is stocked in the middle of hundreds of others. People trying to arrive at work, desperate mothers taking their children to school, ... There are so many people driving somewhere that the traffic is chaotic.
While some fight not to be late to work, others fight for a job. Nowadays, it isn’t easy to get a job: there are only a few jobs available and many people looking for one. And one of the reasons for that is the immigration of the population from the developing countries. Despite being in 2050, the huge difference between rich countries and poor countries continues. So, these people need to immigrate to Europe to survive, which means fewer jobs.
12:45 am
It’s lunch time! But not for all... Fewer jobs lead to poverty in which, in turn, means begging, drugs, prostitution, etc. Many people don’t have anything to eat, because the resources are, as always, poorly distributed.
5:00 pm
In spite of being November, it’s very hot. The climate changes are now striking us at full force. In the summer it’s raining and in the winter it’s hot; there’s no water for all; and it’s hard to breath because of the smog. These are some of the consequences of a few years of carelessness for Nature by the humans.
We are in 2050 and life has become a real nightmare!

Isabel, 1108

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