1 April 2011

I Love My TV

TV is one of the coolest things ever, if used with wisdom! I think TV can teach people so many things… like the wild life and how it works; or even general culture… It only became bad because people started abusing it and they got addicted to it.
It’s very important for us the possibility of SEEING things the way they are! We can watch things on TV that we’ll never really see on real life. Of course there are also the bad programmes of TV… the ones who make people believe in some stupid things they make up. Personally, I enjoy TV series and films, but I admit that some of them are useless for our life! So, my advice is:
Be smart, use this amazing little box wisely and you’ll see how fantastic TV can be!!!

Daniela 802

I think TV is a great invention. It provides us an awesome quality time, because with television we can watch nearly everything, like our favorite shows and series. We can also be informed about what is happening all over the world, and that’s important.
TV also shows us live pictures and that helps us to understand more about what they are talking about.
Of course it has bad things too, like we don’t use so much our imagination because we can see everything. It is not like in the radio. And we can become addicted to television, which is not healthy.
But in general TV is great when we are not addicted to it. I think television is an excellent media.
Joana Chaves 802