19 September 2008

Welcome to our school!

You're not alone

Moving from primary to secondary school can be a daunting experience. But, remember everybody else in your year is in the same boat. They may not look it, but they're just as nervous as you are.
Moving to secondary school is an opportunity, not a problem. Things are different and all you need to do is be polite and learn the new rules.

Teachers don't bite!
If you're unsure what to do or are worried about anything then ask for help. Teachers are probably the best people to turn to as they're experienced in helping new students settle in.
All change

There are lots of differences between primary school and secondary school.
-You'll have a homework diary or a student planner.
-You will have your lessons with different teachers in different rooms.
-You will have homework for different subjects due on different days, so make sure you get organised.
-Make sure you have a copy of your school timetable written down so you know which rooms your classes are in and which days you will have your different subjects.
Eight point survival guide

-If you've got an older brother or sister at the school then ask them for advice.
-They'll have been through it all before so might be able to help you - if they're being nice!
-Be yourself! It sounds simple, but people will respond much better to you if you just act natural.
-Get organised! Make use of your homework diary.
-Try and do your homework the night you get it so it doesn't pile up.
-Having early nights makes a difference and you'll find it easier to get up in the morning!
-Pay attention to what your teacher's saying.
-Make an effort to chat to people and make friends.
-Don't panic - you'll be absolutely fine.
Remember everybody starting is new to the school.

European Day of Languages

Hi! Here we are again eager to start a new school year.
We know you were anxiously waiting for school, friends, teachers and so on...
So, let's start working.
We wish you a nice school year, full of successes and joys.
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