26 January 2010

Green Day

I’m a huge fan of Green Day.
Green Day is an American band formed by Billie Joe (vocals and guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass) and Tré Cool (drums). Some of their albums were: “Kerrang!”, “Waiting”, “Dookie”,” American Idiot”, “21st Century Breakdown”.
I started listening to Green Day when they released “American Idiot” in 2004; from that day on I started listening to the other albums and I became a faithful follower of their work.
On 15th May 2009 they released the album “21st Century Breakdown”. Whenever I knew that Green Day was recording a new album, I was very anxious and expectant to listen to it.
The album was very successful: in the first week it reached the second place of national top of sales. And then, in September, they came to Portugal to give a concert. But I couldn’t go because it was on a Monday and I had classes so my mum didn’t let me go.
My favourite songs of this album were “Know Your Enemy”, “Viva La Gloria” and “See the Light”. I think that the album is very good. It has a good sonority and all the energy that the band has always transmitted to us. It has a huge variety of sounds, it’s bolder than the other albums and it explores more the voice of the lead singer.
But my favourite album was “Dookie” with a very young, revolutionary and irreverent sound. My favourite songs are “Pulling Teeth”, “Basket Case” and “When I Come Around”.
“Dookie” was at the time the original sound. Now, Green Day has become more of a commercial band but, nevertheless, I still like their music.

Isabel, 1108

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