12 January 2010

Me, Myself and Music

Music is always with me. I just can’t spend a day without listening to music. If I’m in a good mood, I listen to music or if I’m sad, I listen to music.
My favourite music styles are: rock, heavy metal, hard rock, pop, r&b, techno…
My favourite bands/singers are: Metallica, Guns n Roses, Beyoncé, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Sixx A.M., Red Jumpsuit Apparatus…
Music is everywhere. When I wake up, I start listening to music, when I’m doing my homework I listen to music, when I go to bed I listen to music and in Capoeira I listen to music ( a different style). Personally, music is like my best friend. When I’m sad or happy I listen to music and it always has a message for me. That’s why I love music.

Ana Dias, 1003

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