6 January 2010

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It's a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.
A New Year's resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. The name comes from the fact that these commitments normally go into effect on New Year's Day. Some examples include resolutions to donate to the poor more often, to become more assertive, or to become more environmentally responsible.
Here you can read a list of some New Year’s Resolutions from the following classes:

- I will study harder
- Be happy / happier
- What the deuce? I will be friendlier
- I will be more successful in school
- I will study harder and have better marks
- Study harder than usual and relax at the same time
- I’ll study harder and be quieter in class
- I’ll take better grades
- Get the phone number of Jessica Alba
- I’ll get the number of Eva Mendes. I will also study harder and be a regular at the football team.
- Save money to go to the Algarve with my sister next summer and lose weight
- Improve my dance skills
- This year I won’t do nothing, because I am very lazy
- I want to finish my book, write and compose more songs and study harder
- I will improve my swimming skills and get better grades
- Study harder and have very good marks. And relax with a girl
- I just want to be OK with myself, my friends and success at school
- I love my life. So, I enjoy it the most I can
- I want to be more successful in school and be happy
- I hope to have better grades and be happy
- I will be more zen
- Finish the 10th grade and be happy

- I will pay more attention to my friends/class
- Study harder to get better grades
- Have better marks
- To be happier
- Spend more time with my family
- Study more
- Go to the gym, have excellent grades, always be happy, be healthy and I want to have my family together and always have money to spend
- Study harder the subjects that I had bad marks. Be happy in life
- Study more, be happy and be regional Alex Ryu Jitsu champion
- Have good marks and be happy

- I want to improve my grades
- This year I will read the entire book of “Os Lusíadas”
- This year I want to keep on smiling ‘cause each smile makes a better world for everyone
- Peace and love for everyone!
- This year I want to be as happy as I was last year!
- I hope not to lose the most important people in my life, because things aren’t the same without them.
- To be happy and to be successful in school
- This year I want to become the Prime Minister of Portugal, buy a nuclear weapon and launch it to Iran. We know that is impossible, so happiness for everyone
- I want to go to the twelfth grade
- Love and success at school

- Work harder to get better marks and I will do all the homework
- I will do my homework and improve my English
- I will start studying more and harder
- I won’t talk with Daniela during the classes and I will be more hardworking
- I will study harder
- Pay more attention in the classes
- Work harder to improve at English
- Have more enthusiasm for studies
- Study harder to get better marks
- Get to know new places
- I want to improve my performance at English. I want to have a good assessment
- I want to pay more attention in the Portuguese classes
- I will work harder to overcome my difficulties
- I will study more and pay more attention in classes. I will do my homework more often
- I will improve my portfolio and work harder to overcome my difficulties in the classes
- This year I will work harder to improve my marks
- I want to improve my marks in all the subjects
- Take my driver’s license and study harder
- Change/improve my personality

Recent research shows that while 52% of participants in a resolution study were confident of success with their goals, only 12% actually achieved their goals. Men achieved their goal 22% more often when they engaged in goal setting, a system where small measurable goals are used (lose a pound a week, instead of saying "lose weight"), while women succeeded 10% more when they made their goals public and got support from their friends.

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