25 January 2010

My School

My school has many classrooms, some labs, a bar, a gymnasium, a library, a playground, toilets and a stationer´s.
There are also study rooms to support pupils with more difficulties, to clear up doubts, to help them learning how to study...
My classmates and I are very noisy, but all the teachers say that we are good students. We all have a good relationship, there are no " wars " among us.
The other schoolmates are much older, therefore they do not give us much importance.
In my school, I don´t know about many cases of "bullying" because this is my first time there.
In this school there are many pupils and teachers.
I like this school because it is very well organized.

Flávio Silva, 701


Anonymous said...

The text is very interesting.
This very original and good!

Filipa Mendes nº 11 702

Anonymous said...

this text is very good because is easy comprehension .

manuel joão 7º1