19 January 2010

A Wonderful World - a bedtime story

- Raww! - he said
- Aaaah ! - she screamed
- Oh; this is so boring and stupid. Every day we play the same: you are the monster and I am the princess. I’ll go outside and kick stones – she said.
- No, stay! - he implored.
But it was too late. Now, she was outside.
- Stupid plays, stupid brother, stupid...Oh! Mum is always saying for not crossing this street but... she isn't here now.
And Mary walked, walked and walked.
It's late and Brian, her brother, is worried. It's time their mother arrived and Mary is not a home.
- I will go and find her – he said – that's my sister and she is angry because of me.
And he went. And he walked and walked and walked too. And he arrived at the «forbidden street».
- No, she didn't cross the street. It's dangerous and mum forbade us – thought Brian who always obeys the rules – but what if she crossed the street? It's better to check that.
And Brian crossed the street too.
- Aaah! Aaah!
Mary is screaming. Brian knows her sister's screams because of the play that they are always playing.
And Brian ran, and ran fast. When he arrived he didn't want to believe it. There were two «big foot trees». One «big foot tree» had two cherries in each ear to imitate earrings. A green hair because of the leaves and sure, two big feet. This «big foot tree» was trying to do something that Brian couldn't understand. But there was another «big foot tree», that had a kind of brown moss to imitate beard and it had Mary, Brian's sister, on his left hand.
- Help me! - she screamed – please Brian help me. Aaah, aaaah!
Scared Brian screamed:
- Let my sister go, stupid monster.
And everyone shut up. The «big foot tree» that had Mary on the left hand let her fall. She ran and hugged her brother. While the other «big foot tree» was crying.
The first «big foot tree» said:
- Shut up, woman! It's everyday the same: nobody wants to play our game and everyday you cry and scream. That's not my fault. I'm sick to hear you crying. Please shut up!
But the second «big foot tree» started crying even more and more.
Now, Mary began to understand everything and with compassion she asked:
- Why are you crying? Why did he scream to you? Who are you both? What happened?
It was a lot of questions.
One of the «big foot trees» answered the questions. The second stopped crying:
- She is always crying, because every day when a child sees us, he/she runs away screaming. You couldn't see us, at first, because you were on your back to us and that's why I caught you. When we were about to start playing with you, this boy arrived. She is very unhappy now.
- Who are you? - asked Brian.
- Sorry! I am Melcom and she is Chery, my wife.
- We are Mary and Brian – Mary said – we are brother and sister.
- We just want someone to play – Chery said – but everybody runs away. I'm beautiful, I can't understand it.
- No! You're scary – Mary explained – you are gigantic and talk and we are scared.
- But you're lovely – said Brian with love.
- You're lovely too – said Melcom – but how did you find us?
- Mother is always saying not to cross that street. Mary was very angry because of me. I walked a long way and I couldn't find her. So, I thought that she always crosses the «forbidden street». I walked a bit and I heard Mary’s screams. I ran fast and I found you. – Brian explained.
- Mother? - screamed Mary worried – You said mother? Oh my God, we are late! Mother is already at home.
- Easy! - Chery spoke – time here is different from the real world. So, your mother is not at home yet
- But it's better we go home – Brian said – we promise to visit you every day, after doing our homework.
- Yes, we promise – repeated Mary.
- Thank you – Melcom replied.
- Ya, thank you for making me smile – Chery added touched – and thanks for being our friends.
- Ok – Mary said – goodbye!
- Ya, bye – Brian said – see you tomorrow.
And when Brian and Mary were back home, Mary exclaimed:
- It was amazing! Did you find it amazing too, Brian?
- Yes Mary. I can’t wait for tomorrow to visit that wonderful world; you know Mary: our wonderful world!

Alexandrina, 1008

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