2 February 2010

My relationship with shopping

I like shopping very much, specially when the articles I need to buy are clothes. I never go shopping by myself because I never seem to know if the items I´m buying suit me well. Therefore, I always take a friend or my parents with me. I must say my parents give me very good advice, namely as far as the price, the quality of the products and/or brands are concerned.
Although I find shopping a pleasant activity, I am not a compulsive buyer and I hope I will never be. I believe I only buy the things I need to buy even if sometimes I feel that maybe those things could be bought later on.
I would like to say that I am not influenced by commercials but the truth is that we all are.

As I said before, going shopping is very pleasant and it sometimes works as a therapy, that is, when I´m feeling blue, I buy an item I need and I feel much better.

Sara, 1101

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