3 February 2010

Our School

I live in Famalicão which is a very small town .
My school is D. Sancho I. I’m new in this school, but I like it very much. People are very nice, and the teachers are very smart. I have so many friends!
My school has got a lot of students. There are three fields to play any sport we like, many classrooms and bathrooms.
When I go to school I take my school bag with one pencil, one pen, one rubber, exercises books and books in it.
I never have lunch at school because I prefer to go to the restaurant with my friends. It’s very funny!
When I don’t have classes I and my friends go to the cafeteria to have asnack and talk.
The food is very tasty!
In this school I learn well, because the teachers give lots of worksheets, and they teach very well.
I have never been in a school like this!

Maria João Jerónimo, 701

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