2 February 2010


This is one of the most difficult periods to overcome in our lives, not only for us but also for our parents.
It is called the age of the “closet”. We get on it around twelve/thirteen years old and it ends when we are seventeen/eighteen.
This is a very important step to us, because that’s when we are not a child anymore and we are becoming an adult.
It’s a very complicated age, because sometimes people don’t understand that we want to be free, to go out with our friends, to go out at night, etc. Especially our parents who worry about us, the bad influences and often don’t let us do what we want to. We find their behaviour quite conservative. However, we often don’t realize how much we need our parents to protect and defend us when we make any kind of mistake.
There are some things that a teenager can’t live without: great clothes, freedom, love and lots of attention.
We have to face up physical and psychological changes in our bodies and our minds, and we always get in trouble with that as we are not accustomed to them. Fortunately, there are some exceptions.
But with all these pros and cons and doubts around us, this is unquestionably the most beautiful stage in our lives and we should be and live like a real teenager, in spite of all the problems we have to rise above.

Ana Fernandes, 1001

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