6 October 2009

Students' Opinions on DEL

Last Friday, the 25th of September, we celebrated the European Day of Languages. So, we went to University of Minho, one of the best in Europe.
When we got there, some instructors took us to a presentation about the university campus and the courses available. This presentation wasn’t well organised and, because of that, it wasn’t fun or exciting.
Then the presentation ended and we had a debate about the importance of knowing several languages. It was more interesting because it was better organized and the subject was also more attractive than the presentation. In the end of the debate we had a break to eat something.
When it finished, we came back to the debate room to do some English activities, which we couldn’t finish because we were late and we needed to come back to our school. This last activity was more entertaining and funnier than the others, because we weren’t just listening. We were doing something interesting and also educative.
To conclude, in spite of not being what we were expecting, we liked this visit to University of Minho.
Catarina Brandão, Cátia, Francisca, Rui, Sara, 1101

Last Friday, the 25th of September, we went to University of Minho on a school trip to celebrate the European Day of Languages. We arrived at 9.15 a.m. and attended a presentation about the University and the ILCH (Languages and Human Sciences Institute).
To be honest, it was a little boring and not well organized. The proof is that, while waiting for the next activity, they asked somebody to sing something (just burning time!). The worst part of the morning was the round table in which we were obliged to participate. But, in fact, we were just listening to nine people who were just talking and talking and talking. Then, we had a snack, the only thing we actually enjoyed, besides knowing that the University has a SPA.
Oh! That’s not even worth mentioning the English exercises we had to do. In our opinion, to do those we could have stayed at school.
Well, at least the bus trips were fun!
Ana Pereira, Catarina Amaral, Diana Cavaleiro, Inês Gomes, 1101

It was a disappointing school trip! There could have been more activities and we really didn’t like being “locked down” in a classroom all morning. If it was for that, we could have stayed in our school.
We started to attend a kind of presentation that wasn’t well organised because we didn’t get the point of it. After a short break, we went to a class, where we were supposed to do some exercises but, just like in the presentation, we didn’t understand the idea of it.
Finally, we came back home.
Adriana, Ana João, Ana Rita, Jéssica, 1101

On the 25th of September several classes from D. Sancho I Secondary School went to the University of Minho to celebrate the European Day of Languages, in Braga.
We listened to a presentation about the importance of languages in our society and how they help us to communicate. Then, they showed us a powerpoint about the University’s courses and facilities.
The funniest moment was when Claúdia, from 1009, sang “I kissed a girl” by Katy Perry and “Chamar a música” by Sara Tavares.
After, we attended a debate also about the importance of languages. The break was quite small and we were invited to do some exercises in English. It was an interesting activity.
The way back home was also by bus with laughs and a lot of fun.
Ana Luísa, Bruno, Carole, Catarina Isabel, Diana, 1101

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