11 May 2009

Pros and Cons of TV

Television’s advantages:
· Great source of information;
· The best means of communication;
· Source of entertainment/ It keeps us company;
· Advertising gives us the chance to know new types of products;
· We always receive information of the moments which can prevent disasters or accidents;
· It’s fast to broadcast information;
· There are many kinds of programmers;
· It reaches to a great number of people.

Television’s disadvantages:
· Excess of hours in front of TV;
· Health problems (vision and obesity, for example);
· It can harm school learning;
· Children can imitate what they see. For example, bullying.
· No dialogue among the members of the family;
· Family conflicts;
· Sometimes, it shows an unreal world;
· Excess of programmers without educative or informative content;
· Excess of advertising and propaganda;
· Influence of the mass media in public opinion.

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