27 May 2009

Bob's Story - Extra Credit Work 9th grade

“Let me tell you my story. Five years ago I was a successful executive. I earned a lot of money and I had never had any problems at work. I had expensive tastes and hobbies. I also had a lot of friends… at least that’s what I thought. Suddenly my life was turned upside down: I lost my job and felt miserable.
I was so ashamed of my situation that I didn’t tell anyone about it. I stayed at home and did nothing. Losing a job is like losing a part of yourself. Your lifestyle changes dramatically. You wake up and you don’t have anywhere to go, anything to do, anyone to meet.
I felt desperate and frightened. However, after sometime I decided to start job hunting. I phoned some friends to ask for help but they didn’t care about me anymore. I wrote countless letters of application, went to lots of interviews, phoned lots of companies, went to lots of job agencies but I still didn’t manage to get any work. I felt so desperate that I got severe depression and gave up looking for a job. As a result I lost everything I had worked for: my flat, my car, my personal belongings…
Finally I became homeless and that’s what I was until last month. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was having a nap on a bench in the railway station when I heard someone say:” Bob, is that you?” I looked at the person who said this and saw my old friend Karen. I hadn’t seen her since high school but our parents are still friends and I knew she was a very successful lawyer.
She proved to be a good friend. She took me to her parents’ flat and convinced me that I was still useful. She made feel self-confident again. I’ve been looking for a job for three weeks and I have a very positive attitude because with Karen’s help I know that I’ll overcome this problem sooner or later.”

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