1 February 2011

Our School

Our school is fantastic!
The facilities are magnificent. They are spacious, organized and very well equipped. It has a group of outstanding teachers, dedicated staff and a group of students ... well ... out of range.
The bar, the student's room and library are the most popular places of the school. The bar and the student´s room are one of our favourite places because they are a place of much conviviality, fun and distraction. The library is where we can study, do group work, use computers and watch movies.
This year the remodeling works of the school began, which prevents us from circulating in some places.
We are all very curious and eager to see the results, so that we can make the most of it.
We hope to stay until the 12th grade in this school.

Maria Beatriz nº 21
Vera Alexandra nº 27

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