1 February 2011

Dear Diary

Today was a very exciting day for me. As I’ve already told you, I started talking with a very handsome and elegant boy, that I had never seen before, but since the first moment that I talked to him I’m totally in love with him…He’s far from here, he lives in New York, and I’m from London, but it seems that the distance between me and him is really connecting us!
Today he came to visit his grandma, which lives here, in London, so he had a chance to pick me up and go with me to a café. I was so nervous that I couldn’t handle myself! When suddenly I felt one hand in my shoulder and I heard one voice saying: “Hi Mary!” And I didn’t know what to do. That’s when I saw him, the boy who I was talking to. Actually he is even more handsome face-to-face than in pictures. We talked, got to know each other better…. And, at the goodbye time the most beautiful and wonderful thing that I’ve ever imagined happened…You’re right…He just KISSED ME! I really looked like a princess when kisses his prince….I’ve even lifted up my right foot!
Well, after this historic event of my life, John (it’s his name) took me to the bus stop and waited with me until the bus came and he never left me for the whole time! This was our very first date and unfortunately I’ll have to wait for the far next one…. Really romantic my 17th December of 2010, right? I’m totally in love…
With all my love I entrust you my secrets,


Ana Rita e Maria Inês, 801

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