11 February 2011


   Nowadays we live in a consumer society. This is possible to see everywhere, shopping centers/ shops/supermarkets are always full of people; people are always buying new houses, cars, new technologies… In other words, for the entire world to buy is the most used verb. But most of the times, people aren’t aware of their excessive consumption. They consume many products that they don´t really need because of the excessive and manipulative advertising that is everywhere, on television, radio, internet, cinema, outdoors, etc.

 Consumption has a good side for the people who have stores, coffees, for who is a boss, because the more people consume, the more money they will have, and it is that which maintains the economy all over the world. But it also has a big bad side, excessive consumption makes people shopaholic and people spend much money in futile things and then they don´t have money to the essential things. It brings many risks to the environment, animals and the resources of earth; it causes waste; it makes people obese (including little children); it makes people forget to be with their family, friends and they spend their free time in shopping centers full of unknown people. People start to be alone, depressive…

So consumption is one of the biggest problems nowadays. In my opinion people should continue buying new things but they need to think better before buying. They should think if they really need those items, and will really use them. If people think more carefully, the bosses will continue earning money, but our planet and people of the world will be happier and healthier, and more important they will enjoy their life.
Catarina Moita, 1108

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