19 November 2011

Holiday Postcard

Dear Luís,
This year I've decided to visit Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil with Andreia, Rafa and Bea. We had been saving money for this trip for months, so we are very thrilled about these holidays!
We arrived yesterday morning at the hotel, and the weather was so fantastic that we went straight to the beach! We saw a man selling coconut water, and Rafa really wanted to try it... but I must say I didn’t like it at all!
As you know, Bea loves to surf... so she tried to teach us how to do it. Well, it wasn’t pretty to watch..., but we had a great time!
We had lunch in a really cool restaurant by the sea and we’ve already made some friends. People are very nice around here...
I’m really excited about this week. It has been an amazing time here in Rio de Janeiro and tomorrow we will visit Christ the Redeemer and we’ll make some shopping.
I want to show you our pictures. We have to meet for dinner when I come back!
I’ll see you soon (:
Miss you,
Ps: Andreia, Rafa and Bea sent you kisses and a hug. ;)

Andreia, Beatriz, Daniela, Luís A., Rafael, 902

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