3 June 2011

My plans for the future

In the future I want to be a vet. Vets take care of animals, they end their suffering, they can save lives. To be a vet I need to know how their bodies work, which medicines I can use in each case and I need to be mentally strong for the times I’ll have to end their existences, but this way they stop suffering.

The salary isn’t bad. I believe the salary is about 4000 euros, but it depends on the “level” you are. The conditions may be sometimes uncomfortable, but as long as it is possible to save a life, it doesn’t matter. The good thing about this job is the fact that we save lives, make families happier and I can even take care of my own pets.

Adriana Silva, 1103

A few years from now I would like to be working in a big zoo as a vet. I would like to take care of wild animals and also find new species. However, to get a job like this we need to be the best of our course and really enjoy what we are doing, because we will need to be focussed on it for long periods, it needs a lot of dedication.

Although I know this jib isn’t the best paid in the world, we can earn good money. Besides, it is a very beautiful job with all those exotic animals.

In spite of being very difficult to get it, I will do everything I can to make my dream come true.

Catarina Aboim, 1103

My plan for the future is to become a paediatrician, the kid’s doctor broadly called.

I would like to be a paediatrician, first because I love kids and I get on well with them and second because I find medicine very interesting, two qualities needed in this job. The truth is, to get to be a paediatrician, very high grades are needed, and not every person is up to it.

The salary is usually very high and the working conditions are usually great, specially if we like the job.

The biggest advantage of this job for me is to do everything that I like and gain much money as well.

Gonçalo Mesquita, 1103

For the future I am planning to follow a career as a biologist. It is a job that requires studying and dealing with living creatures (animals, plants, etc.) and that is exactly what I love to do.

In order to become a biologist I will need, at least, a degree in biology, but I am planning on going further, till I become a specialist in the subject.

As a biologist I will have to work in labs and sometimes in the open field (forests, camps, mountains). That may be troubling sometimes but the fact that I will be earning a good salary, and most important, doing what I like to do, will compensate all the problems that might appear.

Sandra Rodrigues, 1103

In the future I would like to work in an I&D enterprise as an electronic and informatics engineer, developing new technologies, machines and devices to be used in other enterprises and industries or to simplify some quotidian tasks.

For that I will go to university to take a master degree in electronics and informatics engineering and I’ll try to be one of the best students, so that I can get a good job with a high salary right after finishing my master degree.

I want this job because, since I was a little kid, I’ve always like computers, electronics and robotics and I think that it is an area that is evolving everyday.

Tiago Rocha, 1103


Anonymous said...

This compositions are very originals and interesting

Antonio Carlos said...

Are you talking serious Catarina Aboim? That´s because yo are a great student...