3 June 2011

“The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that man may become robots” (Erich Fromm)

Technology is evolving faster and faster in our days and the future may become even more dangerous than it was in the past, when men became slaves.

Nowadays we see that in many jobs people are being replaced by robots, and this is very concerning. Unemployment is growing and the future is uncertain. Everywhere we look we see technology, mobile phones, iphones, laptops … and maybe in the future we will see robots doing people’s tasks like walking a dog.

Although the future is uncertain, we must have hope and control robots before they control us.

Álvaro Silva, 1103

In the past, men, usually black people, were forced to do some miserable work without payment. It was the time of slavery, an era of shame in human history. And nowadays the problem is coming back to life.

With the new technologies that have appeared recently, we are forced to do more and more tasks, faster and faster. This way, we are forced to do more than one task at the same time, like robots. Someday, in the future, some scientists might even find a way to transform our brain into a dual-core processor, and that could lead to an impredictable future.

Is it good?

I don’t think so…

João Ferraz, 1103



I don’t agree with this statement. Sure, the first part is right, for many years slavery was a major problem, but I do not think that in the future we’ll become robots, with absolutely no feelings. I believe that in the future, we’ll become slaves of robots as technology, if we aren’t already slaves now!

People are addicted to technology, and it seems like we can’t live without it. Also, if we keep evolving like this, we’ll reach a point where robots will be better than us in everyway, therefore turning us into slaves.

We need to change, and the future depends on what we do right now, in the present. But, of course, it’s easier said than done. Would you be willing to live without technology?

José Oliveira, 1103

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