14 May 2011

My Opinion on Video Games

       I enjoy video games because they are a good entertainment. I learned to play games with my brother. I play since I was 7 years old. I prefer adventure games, because I like to feel the adrenaline. I don’t play much because I haven’t got many games in my house, but I play whenever I can. I think video games are good and bad at the same time. They can be fun but they can lead to dependence. To me they have two sides: The good and the bad side. But not everyone sees the bad one.
Carla Azevedo, 1008

     I prefer video games about racing (cars), adventure (super-mario) and games that portray family life and their day-to-day (sims) because they are games that give us adrenaline. Now, I play much less than I used to play when I was 12 years old. I haven’t played racing games yet and I have played adventure games a little, I play the Sims more often. Video games have advantages and disadvantages. The good side is that video games are an entertainment. However, some video games are violent and turn the players into aggressive people.
 Diana Silva, 1008

     In my opinion video games are very exciting, but I'm not a big fan and have not much time for games. I dedicate myself to studies. I prefer adventure and action games because they are more realistic and more attractive, with their colours and pictures. The feelings that they cause on me are enthusiasm and joy. Video games are good and bad at the same time. They are good because they teach us the good and bad. And they are bad because they attract a lot of violence and distract students from school.
 Helena Gonçalves, 1008

     There are several types of video games, for example, action games, adventure, strategy, sports. Video games have advantages such as increasing the capacity of observation, attention, memory, but they also have disadvantages. People who play get hooked, spend all day glued to the screen, and forget about their tasks. It's rare for me to play video games, and I always lose when I play because I'm not accustomed to playing. I’d like to know how to play soccer and video games.
Carla Pinto, 1008

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Andre Rodrigues said...

I like play First person shooters (Fps) but i also like videogames of adventure, action, etc. I dont play much at week because i have to study. But I think the videogames are good or bad depending on time we play.

André Rodrigues turma 802