20 May 2011

All About Love

«Love is irrational (...) the more you love someone, the less sense anything makes. »
                                                                                         Stephenie Meyer, in New Moon

Love... Some say it’s healthy, some say it’s stupid, others say it’s addictive.... I believe it’s a little bit of everything.
Love is a state of mind, an extracurricular activity, a way of expressing who we are in a sweet, ridiculous behaviour. It’s happiness for the ones who use it with wisdom. It’s a mistake for those who don’t know what it is!
Love can also be dangerous... if you put all your love in only one person, it will blind you.
You’ll forget about your friends, family and loved ones, and you’ll fall without somebody to catch you.
In our opinion, love is not a thing we must run to... it’s something we must wait for, so when it gets to us, we know exactly what it is and how to deal with it...and in that moment...
love... is simply the best feeling in the world!!!
                                                                                                                Daniela;Luís Azevedo; Nuno 802

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