11 March 2011

The Right Time, 6th February 2011

McDonald’s falls down

Yesterday, the director of McDonald’s, Andrew J. McKenna has declared that the company is going to close. This happened in London, at 3 p. m., during a press conference.
We dare to say that is a shock for the world to know that McDonald’s, the most famous fast food restaurant on Earth, will be out of business soon.
Apparently, an inspection found bacteria in their pork, which has caused an epidemic all over the country. The company blames the caterer, but McKenna admits that there’s no way to get out of this unpleasant situation «We are very sorry for those who were affected by this epidemic. We hope they can get better soon... and it’s very sad for me to say that McDonald’s is no longer alive! », said the director.
What now? What's going to replace McDonald’s? Is this the opportunity that the competitors needed to step up on the fast food business? All we have to do is waiting for The Right Time!

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Afonso said...

when it does disappear i think we'll end up with burger king or burger ranch leadind.

Nuno said...

A carne do Mc Donald´s não é de porco, é carne de vaca ! :)