5 November 2010

Pix and Posy Love Story

Once upon a time there was an iceberg named Pix,
During her youth time she was very large
One of the largest in the North Pole
But she melted away and now she’s just a little iceberg.
The evil sun separated her from her friends
And now she’s wandering in the long, lonely and cold ocean.
She roamed with no direction trying to run away from the sun
But he was always there, there was no escape.
Her life was ending. Pix knew she had to do something.
Pix had the size of a little house when she saw her last chance to survive.
A majestic iceberg approached. He introduced himself as Posy.
Posy was the biggest piece of ice she had ever seen.
Her only chance to live was to stay side by side with him.
They spent a lot of time together and became real friends.
When they were together their heart stopped; they couldn’t talk like normal icebergs
Their stomach felt weird. And just like that they were in love.
Their love was bigger than anything, so they decided to merge together.
Posy not only saved Pix’s life but he also added a new meaning to her life
They stayed together forever and lived happily ever after.

Rui, Pedro Henrique, José Carlos, Paulo - 1101

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