23 November 2010

My coolest holidays

One of my coolest and unforgettable holidays were spent last Easter, when I went to Egypt with mw parents and my brother. We flew off the airport of Lisbon and the plane landed in Hurghada in the evening.
I stayed in two cities: 5 days in Hurghada and 1 day in Cairo, the capital.
In Hurghada, an old fishermen city at the seaside, we stayed at a resort with two pools, two slides and a beach. During the day we went to the beach or the pool and there we read while we were sunbathing. We had lunch at the beach restaurant, which was a very nice place made of wood and with a great view to the sea. In the evening we usually had dinner in the hotel restaurant and after that we saw the show but there was a special night; we were having dinner and a walk in Hurghada. We had dinner in a restaurant our guide advised us and then had a drink in a special bar where we also smoked “catchimba”. Then we went for a walk and visited Hurghada’s HRC and a store with only handmade stuff: bracelets, boxes and wood sculptures, bags, clothes, etc. we took lots of pictures and bought some souvenirs.
Another thing I loved to do in Egypt was visiting an ancient and old capital of the country, Luxor. In Luxor I went to the Valley of the Kings, where I had the chance to visit the tombs of the mythical Pharaoh Tumtankamon. We also visited the biggest temple of the world, Karnak Temple and the Temple of the Queen Hatshepsut. We went on a little boat ride in the Nile. Our guide told us amazing things about the symbols in the tombs, about the meaning of their old Gods and some egyptian traditions and their costumes as arabian people. We arrived very late at the hotel and we were very tired but we didn’t care because it had been absolutely amazing to be in such a full of History place!
Some days after, we went to Cairo. Being there was a great experience too, because I had the chance to visit fabulous places and see many artefacts. We woke up very early on that day because there were lots of things to do. We caught a taxi and went to the Pyramids of Gize! When we arrived there I just couldn’t believe I was so close to such an important thing, one of the 7 Wonders of the World! I took lots of pictures and there I went on a camel ride around the Pyramids and the Sphinx. We climbed up the monument and from there we could see a part of the city. In the afternoon, we went to the Cairo Museum, a place full of artefacts, sculptures and other treasures of the egyptian civilization. The main “attraction” of the museum is the Tumtankamon’s room, where they put all the things they found in their tomb in Luxor: gold, bracelets, clothes, his war stuff, food, his mask and sarcophagus. It was like a travel to the ancient Egypt! Then we got back to reality and went to the hotel, after passing the confusing Cairo traffic.
We got back to Portugal on the next day but I know I’ll never, ever forget these holidays because I met new amazing places, learnt lots of things and had awesome experiences. Being in Egypt and going to all those fabulous places was like being in a mummies movie! I loved Egypt!

Sara Daniela Machado de Sousa, 902

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