20 April 2009

Teens' Problems - Cool Zone 9

Cool Zone 3 is about teens' problems.
Problems like: stress, peer pressure, depression, family relationships, life at school, bullying and cyber bullying.
There are many consequences that teens feel when they have these kind of problems like stress or depression. They feel: frustrated, angry, scared, lonely, irritated, they lose self - esteem, they lack concentration, they have trouble in sleeping and get bad marks at school.
When teens have these problems they should have help and be advised by their friends, parents, family or teachers. They should be helped to overcome their problems and advised not to seek shelter in any sort of addiction, such as drugs, cigarettes or alcohol.
Drinking is a cheap addiction. Teens think drinking helps them to solve their problems but it can cause more problems.
With drugs, at the beginning they can feel a sense of power but then when they become addicted, they feel lonely and desperate.
Smoking is a very expensive addiction. Teens are usually influenced to start smoking by their family or friends.
To forget their problems teens can: relax, sleep more, have a balanced diet, do some exercise, take up a hobby or go to a therapist.

Sofia, 901

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