1 March 2010

Story tellers

Today is Mardi Gras.
In this day people use to wear costumes, have a lot of parties and play tricks, in Carnival people don’t take anything seriously.
Well, I’m interested in knowing what the real Mardi Gras is like, I mean, the traditional Mardi Gras so…
... let’s go to New Orleans, the city which celebrates the traditional Mardi Gras! Now I’m looking for my brother’s new machine, it takes us to where we want! Oh, it’s right here!
(5 minutes later)
I am here in the street and I’m seeing the children playing and a multitude of people watching street shows, during all day and night! I can feel the joy and happiness on people’s face. The show is so much fun!
Do you know that the symbol colors of Mardi Gras are: green, yellow and purple? They symbolize faith, power and justice, respectively.
Carnival is one of the most popular parties in the world! And Carnival does nobody any harm!
(5 minutes later, back at home)
OK, I’m here again. I really enjoyed the experience to go to New Orleans in my brother’s new machine, it works! (Finally… AHAH!) Well, I think I will ask my parents to go to New Orleans on Mardi Gras every year!
What about you? What costume are you going to wear?


Anonymous said...

Was very nice...Congratulations <3

Francisca Costa 701

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Ana Rita 701 and Maria João 701